Cavaletto Named ‘Minority Spokesperson’ to Three House Committees: Education, Fire & Emergency, and Environment

Rep. Cavaletto on the Illinois House Floor.
State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem) has been named to seven committees in the Illinois House of Representatives for the 100th General Assembly. Three of those committees he will be the Minority Spokesperson and will serve as the lead Republican. The committees Rep. Cavaletto is assigned to include:

Appropriations – Elementary & Secondary Education

Cost Benefit Analysis

Elementary & Secondary Education: Licensing (Minority Spokesperson)


Environment (Minority Spokesperson)

Fire & Emergency Services (Minority Spokesperson)

Government Transparency

“I am honored to be assigned to serve on these committees and appointed as spokesperson to three,” said Rep. Cavaletto, who is beginning his fifth term in the Illinois House. “I have also been asked to co-chair the bi-partisan “Fire Caucus” this session which organizes an annual meeting for fire chiefs from around the state to come to the Capitol to discuss public safety ideas and potential legislation,” Cavaletto added.

The Illinois House currently has forty-five standing committees and 11 special committees. If people are interested, they may keep up with activities of the legislature by going to my web page ( or they may track the status of legislation and watch or listen to live debate by going on-line to the General Assembly web site at

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