Sportsmen Impacted by New Laws in 2017

State Representative John Cavaletto (R - Salem) has issued information on several new laws for 2017. Cavaletto is an avid bird hunter and member of the Downstate Sportsman’s Caucus and outlined the laws that took effect January 1st that will have an impact on hunting, fishing and trap shooting in Illinois.
“It is important to educate the public about new laws that effect sportsmen and sportswomen in Illinois,” Cavaletto said. “With 191 new laws taking effect on January 1st, the hunters, fisherman, and trap shooters of Illinois should know how these new laws will affect them.”
Permitting bow-fishing for catfish Public Act 99-867, House Bill 5788
Bow-fishing is the practice of taking a fish with a spear or a bow and arrow. The existing Illinois law limits the kinds of fish that can be taken through bow-fishing. HB 5788 added catfish to the Fish Code list of fish that can be taken with sharp weaponry.

No catch limits on private fish ponds - Public Act 99-532, House Bill 5796
Illinois law limits the number of fish a person with a fishing license can legally catch in a 24 hour period. House Bill 5796 creates an exception for people fishing on fish ponds located on their own private property.

Youth Trapping Licenses - Public Act 99-868, Senate Bill 2410
Persons under the age of 18 may apply for a Youth Trapping License, which will grant to them limited trapping privileges. In order to trap or carry a hunting device, the youth must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent or guardian over 21 who has a valid Illinois hunting license.

Agriculture Education Teacher Grant Program Public Act 99-826, Senate Bill 2975
A school district may apply for a grant to fund 50% of the personal services cost for an agriculture education teacher, or if the school is creating a new agriculture education program, 100% of the cost in the first two years and 80% in the third and fourth years. This new act is subject to appropriation.

Landowner hunting permit procedures  - Public Act 99-869, Senate Bill 3003
Amending the Wildlife Code, SB 3003 allows owners and resident tenants who control 40 or more acres of land in Illinois to apply for and receive without fee deer permits, turkey permits or a combination deer/turkey permit. The law also applies to members of hunting clubs, partnerships or cooperatives if the group owns the land in question.

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