Rep. Cavaletto Serves as 'Dignitary' for Counter-Terrorism Safety Drill

Pre-Drill Briefing with Illinois State Police
As part of a two-day mock terrorism scenario held in Salem December 7 & 8, State Representative John Cavaletto was asked to serve as the "dignitary official" who traveled around town simulating a typical day's schedule of meetings and unexpected stops that included the Salem Fire Station, a local business and then the Salem Community High School for a mock assembly in the gymnasium.

This "State Counter Terrorism Scenario" was planned and coordinated by the Illinois Terrorism Task Force of the Illinois State Police with federal funding from the Department of Homeland Security. More than 300 state, local, and federal law enforcement, fire, EMS (emergency medical services) and paramedic personnel participate in the multiple drills. Only two drills are conducted each year around the state, one up north and one in southern Illinois.

The Counter-Terrorism Simulation begins...
"We hope we never have to utilize this magnitude of emergency personnel for any kind of terrorist situation, but it's just like when we do fire drills and tornado drills to keep our students safe and get them out of harms way as quickly as we can," commented Rep. John Cavaletto, Minority Spokesperson of the Public Safety Appropriations Committee in the Illinois House of Representatives. "I want to thank all of the students and school personnel who helped to make this counter terrorism drill a success and thank you to all of the Illinois State Police and first responder personnel from Salem and surrounding communities for all of your help and professionalism needed to make something of this magnitude work," Cavaletto added.
Mock motorcade en route to various locations around Salem, IL.

First stop of the motorcade was the Salem Fire Department.
Students evacuate the gymnasium after mock explosions.

Motorcade with 'dignitary & staff'' leaves the mock explosion site.

Emergency personnel coordinate safe evacuation of students & staff.

"Training Exercise In Progress" at Salem Community High School

The Salem Community Activities Center served as 'Central Command'