IL Historic Preservation Agency Meets with Potential Craftsmen to Repair Windows at the Historic Vandalia State House

After several years of raising private dollars because the State of Illinois is strapped for money, Rep. John Cavaletto joined a meeting this morning in Vandalia to allow potential vendors to inspect the building's windows and ask questions about the bidding process to repair the 36 windows.

In addition to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency director and architect,  and potential craftsmen, the meeting included the site manager, board members of the Vandalia Historical Society, Inc., and Mayor Ricky Gottman.

These repairs will stop the water damage being done by the rain and snow that has been leaking in to the building and causing the building to deteriorate.

"I am excited that this project is moving along again,” commented Rep. Cavaletto. “One of the possible vendors is a local painter whose father and grandfather also painted on this historic building," said Rep. Cavaletto. “That’s a nice tradition to have in your family when you have multiple generations of family helping to keep this jewel of our Illinois history connected to notable Illinois
figures such as Abe Lincoln and Steven Douglas,” Cavaletto concluded.