2016 Rural Physician of Excellence Award Presented to Dr. Colleen Bingham of Effingham

Dr. Colleen Bingham front row center.
State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem), recently presented a House Resolution to commend Dr. M. Colleen Bingham for her selfless service and for her impact on the improvement of rural health, and to congratulate her on receiving the "2016 Rural Physician of Excellence Award" from the Illinois Rural Health Association.

“One of the biggest healthcare challenges is the shortage of physicians who practice in rural areas,” commented Rep. Cavaletto. “We are lucky to have someone like Dr. Bingham in our community who is exceptional and recognized by her peers as well.”

Dr. Colleen Bingham joined Family Care in 1994. She is a board certified pediatrician with special
interests in asthma management, newborn and adolescent care, and child abuse. Dr. Bingham graduated from St. Louis University in 1990 and completed her residency at Indiana University Hospital.

Since 1994, Dr. Bingham has been practicing with Family Care Associates of Effingham and Dr. Bingham serves on the Board of the Crisis Nursery of Effingham County and was extremely instrumental in garnering the economic support and partnerships of local businesses and the medical community to get the Crisis Nursery operating.

Recognizing their struggles, Dr. Bingham spearheaded the development TAG in 2013, a mentoring program for young mothers; operated by volunteers, the program meets on a regular basis, assisting many mothers through the challenges of young parenthood.

After seeing a pattern of developmental and cognitive delays in at-risk children who were not able to attend preschool, Dr. Bingham and her staff reached out to businesses, transportation companies, and the local school district, leading to the formation of the "Effingham Preschool of All", which offers transportation and preschool education at no cost to eligible families.

Dr. Bingham learned of the plight of many low income children in need of meals when school was not in session, and through her request for donations and assistance from the Central Illinois Public Transit, "Mission Summer Fun" was formed, which provides meals and activities for children during summer break, and she was the lead physician in the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA) Asthma Collaborative which resulted in improved treatment for children. Her dedication to public health and disease prevention is exemplified through her strong commitment to the Vaccine for Children program.

Through her service and dedication to the community, Dr. Bingham has become a phenomenal asset to the well-being of families in Effingham County. Her selfless service and impact on the improvement of rural health is why she is very deserving of the "2016 Rural Physician of Excellence Award."