Rep. Cavaletto Tours Beck's Hybrid Seeds Facility in Effingham

Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem) toured the Beck's Hybrid Seeds facility in Effingham this morning along with Mayor Jeff Bloemker and the economic development team.

In 1901, Lawrence Beck purchased an 80 acre farm in Hamilton County, which is the headquarters of Beck's Hybrids. Then, in 1937, he and his son Francis each planted a three-acre allotment of hybrid parent seed corn offered by the Purdue Botany Department. They planted the crop with a two row, horse-drawn planter and harvested it by hand. This became the first crop of Beck's Superior Hybrids.

The interactive museum walks visitors through the development of our company and corn hybrids starting in 1833.

Beck's Hybrids seed company provides high yield corn, soybeans, wheat and elite alfalfa. All seed products are protected by the Escalate™ yield enhancement system delivering higher yields, insect protection, improved stand, and seedling health. (Learn more about the Beck's family business by clicking HERE.)
First Seed House