Remembering 9/11...We Will NEVER Forget!

Photo provided by Dennis Rosenberger, Editor, Salem Times- Commoner.
This weekend I was honored to participate in the first 9/11 Memorial Service and Day in the Park at Bryan Memorial Park organized by the Salem Fire Protection District.The service began at 8:30 a.m.
with a message from a fire department chaplain and the Marion County Fire Service Honor Guard. The Pana Fire Department provided their World Trade Center display.

Following the services, there was a "remembrance walk" simulating the 110 stories (.9 mile) of the World Trade Center and a firefighter water fight, hose roll, and bucket brigade competitions. There was also a children's activities including a firefighter obstacle challenge and hose line obstacle course.

Thank you to the firefighters, emergency medical service (EMS) personnel and support staff, and the many people who came out to support this program! We hope this becomes an annual tradition for our community.

We Will NEVER Forget!