Outdoor Sports – New Hunting, Fishing Opportunities

Four new laws take effect.

The new state laws affecting Illinois hunting and fishing opportunities center on youth trapping; bow hunting for catfish; and simplified landowner hunting permit procedures for deer and wild turkey.

The landowner bill, SB 3003, affects owners and resident tenants who control at least 40 acres of Illinois land. Under the amendment to the Wildlife Code, hunters enjoying this status will be able to apply for and receive a deer permit, a turkey permit, or (for the first time) a combination deer/turkey permit that will cover both types of game. As with the separate landowner deer and landowner turkey permits issued in previous years, the permits will be issued without fee. Members of hunting clubs, hunting partnerships, and hunting cooperatives are included if the group owns its land. After unanimous approval by the Illinois House last spring by a vote of 112-0-0, SB 3003 was signed into law by Governor Rauner as P.A. 99-869.

For more information about outdoors recreation opportunities, click here to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.