Rep. Cavaletto Returns Nearly $130,000 to Taxpayers

State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem), announced today that he will be returning back to the state another $14,000 in his state office allotment. Cavaletto has returned money back every year he has been in the Illinois House of Representatives, and with this year’s amount the total is estimated at $129,253.50. That is an average of $16,000 a year savings for the taxpayers of Illinois.

“Some people may say that’s not much considering the state owes $7.5 billion in back bills, but if all 177 legislators in the General Assembly were able to return the same amount of $16,000 each year, then over $2.8 million could be saved every year,” commented Rep. Cavaletto. “My district staff and I have been able to run our office and programs efficiently with the use of technology to save on postage and by utilizing ‘traveling office hours’ around the district to save money,” Cavaletto added.

Residents are able to stay connected to legislative activities at, at Rep. Cavaletto’s web site (, and on Facebook. For more information, contact Rep. Cavaletto at 618-548-9080 or at his on-line office at