Cavaletto Continues to Push for Solution to Railroad Safety Concerns in Centralia: Local Residents Meet for an Update on Next Steps

Even at 102 years of age, Centralia resident James "Jimmy" Adams shows no signs of letting up on his decades-long efforts to find a solution to the railroad traffic that comes into Centralia and blocks intersections that cause emergency vehicles to be delayed in a crisis. Joined with fellow Centralia resident Nathan Rothschild, Mr. Adams met with Rep. John Cavaletto to discuss the next step in this process which is finding the funding to have a study conducted by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

A study by transportation experts and engineers would confirm that there is a congestion problem and what options are available to alleviate this congestion. Some have suggested constructing an overpass or underpass at key intersections in the city while others suggest the best long-term solution is to move the train tracks so they do not wind through residential areas.

James Adams describing the safety situation to Rep. Cavaletto.

 The meeting this week was a follow-up to the October 2015 on-site meeting at the rail line to observe actual trains moving through Centralia and observe the impact on the flow of traffic. In light of the state's current financial crisis, there have been no dollars available for the study by engineers. There now seems to be a possibility for obtaining funding through a federal grant program (FAST Act) designed to address "congestion mitigation." As soon as the rules are establish on that grant process, the goal is to apply for monies to pay for this crucial congestion study.

James Adams points out options on a map to state & federal transportation officials.