Governor’s Veto of Sham Legislation Stands: Cavaletto Co-Sponsors Compromise MAP Funding Bill

State Representative John Cavaletto, announced today that the attempt to override Governor Rauner’s veto of Senate Bill 2043 failed in the House.

“This was supposedly a funding bill for higher education without any funding, which is exactly why the governor vetoed it to begin with,” stated Rep. Cavaletto (R-Salem). “Our community colleges and students need real support and not false promises and that’s why I have joined my colleagues in co-sponsoring legislation that provides real money to MAP grants, community colleges and our state university system,” Cavaletto added.

House Bill 4539, which Cavaletto is co-sponsoring, would provide approximately $1.68 billion that would come from general revenue to adequately fund colleges and universities, and students’ MAP grants. It would work in tandem with the recently filed Unbalanced Budget Response Act – legislation that would afford the Governor ability to manage monies in existing funds to adequately fund programs including higher education.

“Students and universities can’t pay the bills with an empty promise. We need a plan that will provide real dollars now and the proposal I’m sponsoring will do that. I’m asking the Speaker to allow us to discuss this and to work together on a realistic compromise.”