Cavaletto Speaks to IL Association of School Boards at Greenville College

State Representative John D. Cavaletto speaking to the annual meeting of the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) held on the campus of Greenville College. The attendees included school superintendents and school board members from the Kaskaskia Division of the IASB. The comments by Rep. Cavaletto, who serves on the House Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum and  Policies Committee, included an update on the state budget impasse, the legislative process, school funding challenges, and the dynamics of the governor's goals to bring reform to the way business is impacted by workers compensation reform and tort reform, and creating budgets based on actual revenues the state has instead of based on expenditures wanted. Rep. Cavaletto also discussed unfunded mandates on education and the negative impact they have on struggling teachers and school districts. He advocated a return to local control by local school boards to determine the needs of a particular region of the state to reflect the unique needs.