Illinois’ disjointed grant-making agencies getting new attention -- and an overhaul for better accountability

What started as an effort to reform the grant-making process for five of Illinois’ human services departments has grown into a statewide undertaking with far-reaching financial implications.
When the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) received a final signature in July 2014, it opened the door for a much needed evaluation and overhaul of the state’s grant-making process throughout more than 50 agencies.
At the time, the Management Improvement Initiative Committee (MIIC) had already been tasked with the review and renovation of the handful of human services agencies. The new law expanded those duties tenfold and set the stage for solutions that would better protect tens of millions of dollars from mismanagement, fraud and abuse.
The widely publicized failure of the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative and the mismanagement of grant funds that accompanied it had, in part, prompted legislative action. But those close to ongoing efforts said reform was already in state officials' sights. Read the complete article by Eyragon Eidam, staff writer for Government Technology magazine, by clicking here.