Property tax relief and mandate reforms needed to help middle-class families

Both the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate discussed and debated property tax issues during their sessions on Tuesday, June 9.  No resolution was reached in either house.  A report from the nationwide Urban Institute labeled Illinois as the state with the second-highest property taxes in the U.S.  

Heads of local governments and tax reform experts agree that a freeze on Illinois property tax bills, or on the local-government property tax extensions that are used to generate these bills, could have unintended consequences.  Many advocates are starting to call for real reforms in the way Illinois taxing bodies fulfill their duties.  Relief that could be offered includes reductions in the unfunded mandates imposed by Springfield on local governments and school districts.  Governor Rauner has renewed his call for the General Assembly to take a genuine look at these mandates and to sit down with him in real negotiations on one of the issues that faces the State and its taxpayers.  House Republican Leader Jim Durkin has filed HB 4224 to enact a property tax freeze and reduction in local government mandates. 

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