House Republicans advocate for long-promised funds for school construction projects

Due to the budget crisis, some projects already under way have been halted. For example, the State has given a green light and a promise of matching State funds to the construction of new classrooms and a gymnasium at South Central Elementary School in Kinmundy, Illinois. However, the current budget crisis has led to a halt in State funding, even though building work is going on during the summer construction season. School districts affected by this halt in State payments for ongoing building work could face a severe cash crunch.

Representative John Cavaletto, who represents Kinmundy and is one of the lawmakers for school districts affected by this funds stoppage, istaking action to help his local school district. Cavaletto joined Rep. David Reis and his Republican colleagues in sponsoring HB 4232 this week, which makes reappropriations from the School Construction Fund and the Capital Development Fund for ongoing school construction and improvements for fiscal year 2016. Monies for capital projects, such as roads and school construction, are funded by levies on products and services such as motor fuel, alcoholic beverages, and video gaming. This money is legally separate from money in the cash-short State general funds, which are funded by income taxes, sales taxes, taxes on casino gambling, and other sources. The relatively healthy nature of the legally separate capital funds of the State make it financially possible for capital projects to move forward even in the absence of vitally required overall budget action.

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