House Approves Legislation Sponsored by Cavaletto to Improve Concealed Carry Law

On Saturday, May 30th the Illinois House of Representatives approved legislation to improve the concealed carry law for law-abiding citizens. Two provisions sponsored by State Representative John D. Cavaletto (R-Salem) were included in the legislation to improve the current concealed carry law.

“Today’s passage of the concealed carry clean-up bill is progress for individuals who conceal and carry,” said Rep. Cavaletto. “There is more work to do to improve the law however I am happy we are moving in the right direction.”

Senate Bill 836 co-sponsored by Rep. Cavaletto included ten provisions to improve the concealed carry law enacted July 2013.  Included in the clean-up bill were two proposals inspired by Cavaletto’s constituents changes the following:

Eliminates the requirement for a concealed carry licensee (CCL) to carry both a CCL and FOID card when in possession of a firearm or ammunition.

Provides that a concealed carry licensee who presents his or her license to law enforcement during an investigative stop is deemed to have disclosed that he or she is carrying a firearm. Applies to a non-resident that is able to prove he or she is eligible to carry in his or her state of residence. The licensee must still identify the location of the firearm at the request of the officer.

Rep. Cavaletto added, “the two proposals brought to me from my constituents down home will certainly help enhance the concealed carry law. I look forward to working with my constituents on additional proposals to protect our right to bear arms.”

Representative Cavaletto’s 107th District covers all or portions of Bond, Clinton, Effingham, Fayette, and Marion counties.

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