Cavaletto Legislation Passes House to Help Vocational Teachers Certification

House Bill 1790 passed overwhelmingly today in the Illinois House to address the re-certification of vocational teachers who bring a wealth of practical experience to the classroom in areas such as auto mechanics and welding to teach a new generation of workers.

“I am happy that this bill will help high schools provide education for students who may not want to go to college but instead are looking to enter the work force with some practical skills right out of high school,” said Rep. Cavaletto. “This is a common-sense solution to keeping qualified vocational teachers in the classroom for a growing segment of students who need instruction from people coming from the private sector to teach,” Cavaletto added.

The issue was brought to light by the local Centralia Superintendent of Schools and current vocational teachers but this legislation will help many school districts. This legislation now moves to the Illinois Senate for consideration.

“This bill allows Centralia High School, along with several other schools throughout the state, to continue to offer high quality vocational instruction to help prepare students as they begin their post-secondary careers,” commented Superintendent Chuck Lane. He added, “I applaud Representative Cavaletto's willingness to carry this bill and for his efforts to assist our vocational programs.”

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