IL House Passes Emergency Budget Fix for FY 2015

State Representative John Cavaletto joined his colleagues today in passing an emergency budget solution to balance the $1.6 billion State budget shortfall that was created by former Governor Quinn.

“If immediate action was not taken, the State would be unable to make payroll for our correctional officers at our prisons, low-income working families would lose their child care assistance, court reporters would be laid off, and money for services for the developmentally disabled would run out,” said Rep. Cavaletto. “Inaction would have further delayed and possibly jeopardized critical categorical school funding.”

The budget fix passed by the Illinois House Tuesday provides Governor Rauner with the flexibility he needs to deal with to the unbalanced budget he inherited. And while education takes a minor funding reduction, the Governor will have discretionary funds available to ease the burden on schools that can least afford these cuts.

“A good number of people called and emailed my offices to express their opinions about the budget crisis and one school actually produced a video about the need to invest in our schools and students for their futures, and as always, I took all of those opinions into consideration,” added Cavaletto. “Now that this has passed the House, we can start talking about a realistic and balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2016.”

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