Rep. Cavaletto Advances His First Bill of the 99th General Assembly for Sandoval School District

State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem) this morning passed his first bill of the new legislative session out of committee. House Bill 226 would allow the Sandoval Community Unit School District 501 to sell bonds up to $2.5 million to build a new elementary school and replace the current building that was built in 1939.

Cavaletto was joined by Sandoval Board of Education Secretary Darin Brandt and his daughter, 8th grade student Dori Brandt, to present testimony before the Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee in Springfield in support of this legislation. The bill passed by a vote of 18-5-3 and will be reported favorably to the full House for consideration.

“I am proud of the testimony provided by Mr. Brandt and Dori on behalf of the school board and the voters of Sandoval Community Unit School District 501,” said Rep. Cavaletto. “I was a little concerned at first with the State Board of Education and some of the legislators from up north who were opposed to the bill, but when the facts were laid out that it is cheaper to build new rather than try to repair all of the problems and that the local voters approved spending the money with a 75% favorable vote, I think that sealed the deal for the Elementary & Secondary Education Committee,” Cavaletto added.

 If it passes the House it will go to the Illinois Senate for a vote. Once the bill passes both houses it will go to the governor for his consideration.

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